This summer you say goodbye to the heat thanks to this...

With this revolutionary air cooler you will quickly cool down anywhere. It is light and you can carry it with you anywhere: dorms, office, garage, reading corners, kitchen and more .. You can have your own 4-square-meter microclimate

Summer is wonderful, but the warm and long days can quickly become suffocating, especially if you are stuck indoors in work or school. Even with an open window the sun can turn your office or bedroom into an oven.

Does this sound like a common problem?

The cool wind is something we all got used to in our cars, hotels and shopping centers. We all know the feeling of going from a hot day out into a temperate space. So why not expand it to our homes and workplaces?

We want to introduce you to the fastest and easiest way to cool your space without breaking your bank account.

What is it about?

CoolAir is a powerful, light weight, compact and personal air cooler that can be taken anywhere. It cools, filters and purifies the hot air inside the room and turns it into a gust of fresh air, cool and clean!


In light of its compact and portable design, it is ideal for use whether you are in the office, working from home or staying with friends. It provides you with a better and cooler environment wherever you are.

But ... how does it work?

It is very easy to use and operate the CoolAir device and it is so small that it can be put almost anywhere. In less than 60 seconds you will enjoy the benefits of personal temperature controlled in personal space.

You just need to add water to the cooler and then plug it into any standard wall socket or USB port and you'll enjoy a much more comfortable space! From here you can set the temperature that is right for you thanks to the modified digital thermostat of the device. Not only does it cool the air around you the way you want it to, but it will also purify it completely.

One of the best things about the device is the fact that it is completely quiet and barely hear it when it is running, it makes its use great during work, sleep or social events.

CoolAir will continue to cool, filter and purify any space for up to eight hours in one filling, while using the size and power of a small fan.

In the next video, you can see it in action:


Does such a gadget come with a high price tag? Well, this air cooler is already of great value and what's better is that at the moment the official site is in operation. So for a limited time only, you can buy it at only 50%!

How is CoolAir better than traditional air coolers?

The activation of other air conditioners can cost a lot of money and occupy a lot of space. This product has been marked as more economical, more portable and as an efficient alternative as a blending unit and as an efficient replacement for the fan.

You can now cool without raising your electricity bill. Other air conditioning systems use a lot of electricity and try to cool a house or a whole building, which is very expensive! This personal air cooler actually cools all the air around you, where you need it most and uses the size and power of a small fan!

Get ready for summer heat. No more sweat in the kitchen, living room or office at work. Buy this unique product and enjoy your own cooled personal area.



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