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Why not Fasting to lose weight?
Fasting has been steadily growing in popularity, and a lot people have questions about extended longer duration fastening,

unlike interment fasting this will typically involved not eating for a couple days and most people immediately dismissed this as a viable option for fat loss and weight loss because there are so many myths surrounding this topic.

Why people are worried ?

people are worried about losing their muscle,also worried about slowing down there metabolism and their worried about their health and well being in general, so in today's article i want to go over exactly what will happen to your if you don't eat anything for several days straight .

Are you looking for burns fat?

if we're looking for burns fat loss some weight or you're just looking and try and extended fast,  i highly recommend that you staying with me throughout this article,  because i can tell you exactly what you expect and help settle the myths and the doubt in your mind about a longer term fasting plant.

first let me start up by saying that you shouldn't just jump into a seven days long fast without first getting used to shorter fasting intervals like interment fasting, the warrior diet, and the one meal a day diet.

What you need to expect about a longer term fasting plant?

i recommend that you first try to fast for only two days in a row, however even if you could do a seven day fast country to a lot of you may think you're not going to just drop died, your body is very good at conserving energy when it doesn't have access to food - this is how Gandhi, 70 years old was able to do it twenty one day hunger straight, and not Starving to death,

when you fast for an extended duration your body well mostly use stored factors energy, and even though Gandhi was already pretty lean before he started fasting he was able to complete all twenty one days.

Normal regular diet?

for most of us we consider a normal regular diet as one in which we're eating every single couple hours, however before the invention of things like farming and refrigeration, our distant ancestors would experience long periods of fasting followed by periods of feeding when food became available,


so most people are actually very capable of fasting for five the ten days without much of a problem even though a lot of people think they practically die from starvation just by skipping a meal or just to drive this point ketone bodies,

what the study conducted by researchers from a university?

even further there was a study conducted by researchers from a university in Scotland that was published in a 1973 and this study and extremely obese twenty seven years old man that fasted for 382 days and believe or not he didn't drop died, he actually went from way four hundred fifty six pounds to one hundred eighty pounds,


such a long fast could obviously only be achieve under the supervision of doctors and they were using vitamin seven myths like east sodium and potassium but the amazing thing is that the researchers followed this man for five years after his fast and he managed to maintain his weight and never crossing back above two hundred pounds again.

does the metabolism will shut down ?

studies like this completely disprove the myth that you metabolism will shut down and will ever function normally again just because you don't eat every couple hours or every couple days for that myth .

Can work up to over-time for seven days fast?

seven days fast is definitely something that you can work up to over-time, so what you'd expect to happen to your body over the course of one week fasting? well about six hours after you start the fast, your body will completely finished digesting food and breaking down glycogen to glucose,


that glucose is primarily used by your body for energy and even though it can last for up to twenty two to seventy two hours,  it typically depleted just after six hours, so for most people that's when you can expect sudden hunger pangs and food cravings to start taking it,

also in this initial phase your mood will change because your body is still used to getting its energy from glucose so you can expect to be a little angry in the beginning, these intense hunger pangs that can also come with the feeling of dizziness weakness...and so on.


those diminish after the first two days for women, and after three days for men, if you can overcome these first three days, the hunger will dramatically decrease and your body will start to feel more energized,

during these first three days you can expect gradually burn off the glycogen reserves in your muscles and in your liver, this will cause you lose a good amount of water weight in the beginning, because the carbohydrates that you would normally be eating retain water in the body, also you'll begin to switch over using fat for energy, so your body will involves elevated levels of ketone bodies.

will your body involves elevated levels of ketone bodies?

these ketone are produced from the breakdown of fatty acids after your liver glucose is depleted, so within the first three days you'll already be burning quite a bit of body fat.

having no calories burns approximately one pound of fat per day making it the fastest weight loss method, your brain mostly runs off glucose and use is about one hundred twenty grams glucose per day, which is why over the first few days you may feel some brain fog.
by day three your brain will begin getting about thirty percent of its energy from ketone bodies and by day four it will be close to seventy percent,

it's glucose requirement would drop from a hundred twenty grams to only thirty grams per day.

during the first three days you shouldn't be afraid of losing muscle, it can only be happen after 72 hours...

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